Ensuring staff safety is a priority with this rubbish trolley

Sometimes, it’s those small things we do on a daily basis without thinking twice that puts our staff at the most risk. And any good businessperson knows that it’s our team who make our business what it is.

Well, what if we told you that right now, your staff run the risk of serious physical strain and injury which could in turn, lead to bigger losses for your organisation?

It may not pop immediately into your mind when we talk about workplace danger but basic rubbish bin removal duties performed by staff each day, can pose a serious risk to your team.

We’ve been working in this field long enough to know that facilities such as hospitals are always struggling to lock down a safe and simple method when it comes to moving 240 litre rubbish bins that can weight up to 150kgs. Often, these bins need to be moved over a long distance too. Seen the following all too often?

Staff members balancing rubbish bins in each hand – tightrope walker style – as they go about standard rubbish bin removal duties.

Don’t be caught unaware: this method is incredibly dangerous as it places a considerable amount of pressure on an individual’s shoulders – the shoulders are not only the weakest joint in the body but are the easiest to injure too.

Enter the Drover Pedestrian Tug with Rubbish Trolley – forget about staff lugging heavy, packed to capacity bins while making their way around. This trolley allows staff to place two 240 litre bins in the custom designed, easy to access bin trolley. From there, attach the drover pedestrian tug and safely move two 150kg bins easily, swiftly and without any physical exertion on anyone’s part.

Thanks to its design and clever, ultra-compact engineering, the tug mover allows for easy movement with heavy, long loads in those tighter spaces. This makes entering a lift with a long load as easy as can be.

As a result, this decreases the chance of team members being injured on the job and increases productivity. Making jobs easier for your team is likely to boost morale and job satisfaction levels.

Additionally, the automatic security break feature allows users to safely remove their hand off the throttle control – after doing so, the tug and trolley will come to an immediate stop and the parking brake will be activated. This function in particular, ensures that tackling ascending and descending ramps with heavier loads isn’t too taxing.

The Drover Pedestrian Tug with Rubbish Trolley is ideal for:

  • Commercial food operations
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial factories
  • Goods containers

Other useful information:

  • The trolley contains all day battery life and charges over a 6 hour period, maximising productivity levels.
  • It is reliable and consistent with a 1,000kg pulling power capacity.

As a result of honing our skills over the last 30 years, it’s safe to say we know our stuff when it comes to trolleys, tugs and other essential workplace items. To learn more about the Drover Pedestrian Tug with Rubbish Trolley or any of our other products, feel free to contact us online or give our team a call on : 03 9587 5645.

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