Evo Hospital Bed Mover: moving beds made easy

By 02/09/2016Healthcare

Here at Lockelec, we know how necessary it is to work alongside the people who use our equipment so that we can produce the most effective solution.

Designed with key input from hospital staff with the intent to produce a bed moving system that’s easy to use, the Evo Hospital Bed Mover is one of our most innovative products to date.

With a large weight capacity of 500kg, the bed mover can simply and easily be attached to dated bed types such as Medicraft beds, as well as the older and more recent Hill-Rom beds.

Thanks to the Evo Hospital Bed Mover, hospital staff or carers can move patients both safely and easily. As anyone in patient care would know, getting around hallways, in and out of elevators, or up and down ramps can be tricky.

The bed mover makes life easier for staff and carers while reducing the risk of physical strain or injury. Any chance of physical torsion strain on the operator’s lower back is reduced, making for a safer workplace all round. Of course, this equips companies with that added peace of mind – as we all know the loss of a staff member due to injury can cause quite the blow.

Equipped with variable speed control and a safety horn button, the bed mover’s remote control allows its user to easily control the unit amid the hustle and bustle of busy hospital activity.

Connecting the bed mover to any bed is as simple as adjusting the V blocks, placing them under the bed frame and engaging the lifting forks. Forget about noisy clamps or tricky set-up processes – the Evo Hospital Bed Mover makes things simple for both staff/carers and patients.

Thanks to an extensive amount of experience up our sleeves (over 30 years’ worth to be precise)  in electrical mobility and innovative workplace solutions, we’re confident the Evo Hospital Bed Mover will make for a worthy addition to the workplace.

Would you like more information about the Evo Hospital Bed Mover? Contact us today or give our friendly team a call: 03 9587 5645.

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