Learn how to make rounding up waste bins a breeze

Let’s talk rubbish… not rubbish but about rubbish.

When it comes to those routine, mundane tasks, you can’t get any more monotonous or time consuming than the regular round up of waste bins.

Well, the team here at Lockelec Innovations have something for you that’ll make this oh so boring but necessary task, a breeze.

The Drover Electric Drive Pedestrian Tug Mover allows for the effortless removal of waste bins. Regardless of whether you need to move 80, 240 or 600+ litre waste bins, the tug mover does so simply and easily.

Here’s a list of benefits on offer when you use the tug mover:

  • Operating the tug mover is easy.
  • It offers automatic incline and decline braking.
  • The batteries used by the tug mover are long lasting lithium ferro phosphate batteries – the best electric batteries on the market today.

What else is there to say? The tug mover saves you time and effort because it basically takes care of all the work for you and your staff. Like so many other Lockelec Innovations products, the tug mover also reduces the risk of injury for your workers.

In a nutshell, it does all of the work meaning your team won’t have to lift a finger. It goes without saying that when you make life easier for your team, you also assist in boosting staff moral and maximising productivity levels.

This solution is perfect for the regular round up of waste bins in apartment buildings, warehouses, stadiums, sports grounds, schools, hotels, universities as well as airports.

Armed with over 30 years’ worth of experience, we revel in being industry leaders when it comes to the design, manufacturing and servicing of all electrical mobility products.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect electric waste bin management system or a Bolt On Electric Drive Power Pack for your trolleys, the Lockelec Innovations team can help. Contact us or give us a call on : 03 9587 5645.

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