Need better trolley return efficiency?

Anyone who’s ever carried out this all-important task would realise that a strong ride on unit is a necessity. The Electronic Drive Drover Ride on Tug maximises trolley return efficiency and is a must-have for any retail market leader.

It’s the kind of thing most of us would see each day without blinking twice: someone at their local supermarket collecting trolleys.

Wherever shopping trolley return is necessary (in carparks or airports), a strong ride on tug unit will ensure workers can handle the rough surfaces while maintaining balance and control of both the trolleys, and the car being driven to round them up.

The Electronic Drive Drover Ride on Tug makes driving with trolleys attached to the car completely intuitive. The driver’s job becomes easier and they feel more in control thanks to the added feeling of stability and security. Precision control is enabled via the variable speed control and joystick comfort drive system, which allows the driver to easily rotate a full 360 degrees with a simple movement to the left.

While making your team’s job easier (this also serves to give an added boost to morale levels), importantly, this ride on tug also reduces the risk of injury through physical strain. Your staff will feel safer while being able to achieve higher productivity levels all round.

Sturdy enough to pull a large 4WD, the tug has a 2 tonne pulling power and boasts all day performance thanks to its 8 lithium ferro phosphate batteries (lithium batteries are the best doing the rounds in the market today). 

Lockelec Innovations has been providing industry leading design, engineering and manufacturing for over 30 years now. If you’d like to chat to our team about the Electronic Drive Drover Ride on Tug (or any other product), contact us or give us a call on : 03 9587 5645.

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