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October 2016

Janet Hope from AusBig at the Bariatric workshop

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Rob Lord with Janet Hope from AusBig at the Bariatric workshop Thankyou Janet and everyone who participated in the workshop yesterday. Fantastic day – everybody learnt new perspectives on all the issues and challenges that Hospitals and Nursing homes have with bariatric patients. The Bariatric suit gave a fresh insight to the difficulties of everyday activities from a patients perspective. A visual reminder of how our products can assist to provide simple solutions that have…

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The Rollee Electric Bariatric Carer Controlled Wheelchair.

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  Before the Rollee Electric Bariatric Wheelchair Staff were experiencing strain, pain and injury through manipulating Heavy patient transport ( between 80kg and 300kgs) around hallways, corners, tight doorways and up and down ramps.   Pushing heavy patients manually is an unnecessary and unacceptable OH&S risk for Hospitals today. Even single drive electric wheelchair systems, though great in a straight line with a 80kg to 160kg patient, still require the Carer to twist and hip…

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