The Rollee Electric Bariatric Carer Controlled Wheelchair.



Electric carer controlled bariatric wheelchair

Before the Rollee Electric Bariatric Wheelchair Staff were experiencing strain, pain and injury through manipulating Heavy patient transport ( between 80kg and 300kgs) around hallways, corners, tight doorways and up and down ramps.


Pushing heavy patients manually is an unnecessary and unacceptable OH&S risk for Hospitals today.

Even single drive electric wheelchair systems, though great in a straight line with a 80kg to 160kg patient, still require the Carer to twist and hip push under the load of heavy patients, around corners, lifts and into tight spaces in rooms to get the patient to the bed.

What happens when thePatient is over 120 kgs?

This is twisting and hip pushing at the worst possible time as the Carers physiology is severely compromised and leads directly to strain, pain and injury. Furthermore you have the cumulative cost of repeatedly completing heavy wheelchair transport and the repetitive strain that eventually leads to serious physical harm.

Push/Pull strain in the workplace accounts for

60% of all workcover cases with the average cost of over 50k per injured staff member plus extra costs of staff replacement and management time.


The Rollee Electric Carer controlled bariatric wheelchair is the only Electric wheelchair capable of weight above 300kg on the market with a twin drive system yet still ideal for general transport around the hospital.

The two motors give the ability for the Rolllee to pivot on its own axis via the carer moving the joystick with one finger and a perfectly straight, safe back.

Now you no longer send the patients heavy weighted load through your lower back as you twist, to turn corners or manipulate through doorways to beds.

You immediately benefit from higher staff morale and productivity and patients and staff benefit from a safer, smoother transport.

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