“Bolt On” Electric Drive to Your Trolley.

The “Bolt On” Electric drive power pack can be purchased as an independent Unit. Simply attach the “ Bolt On” Electric drive to your existing Trolley to create the perfect motorized solution.

Lockwood has developed medication cart trolleys, library trolleys, bank coin trolleys, motorized Tea trolley, Stock delivery trolleys, Linen trolleys, Flat bed Trolleys, scissor lift trolleys, Food Trolleys, Hot and Cold Trolleys

Now YOU can motorize any Trolley with our “Bolt On” Electric drive power pack.

Our Electric drive has been developed over many years to offer rock solid reliability and consistent performance day in day out.

The Floating drive suspension system maintains constant traction over slopping surfaces resulting in smoother, safer, and easier operation in tight spaces.

The Automatic breaking feature allows you to take your hand safely off the throttle; the trolley will come to a progressive rest and activate the park brake.

Long Battery life and 6 hour recharge means maximum productivity.

Using Motorized Trolleys Increases staff productivity and morale immediately while eliminating the risk of injury through physical exertion, strain and fatigue. One back injury can cost thousands in Workcover claims, lost time and replacement staff.

The Solution is a Lockwood “Bolt On” Electric Drive to your existing trolley.


  • Easily adjustable speed dial.
  • Throttle lever for forward/reverse.
  • Positive Drive wheel traction.
  • Automatic security brake prevents rollaway.
  • Auto overload protection.
  • Quiet operation and compact design.
  • Virtually Maintenance free.
  • Simple controls.
  • Long life Battery.
  • Easy access charging socket.
  • Flashing on/off switch when charging is required
  • Down Hill Assist.


  • Dramatically less strain and fatigue.
  • Prevents staff exertion and injury from ramps, carpet and heavy loads.
  • Reduced Work Cover Claims.
  • Higher employee morale.
  • Higher productivity.

Better health and safety awards

Moorfields (Box Hill)

Moorfields (Box Hill) is a purpose built 120 bed facility comprising two main buildings built on different levels, adjacent to parkland, shopping center and social clubs such as the RSL. External roads and walkways with a steep incline link the two buildings. No arrangements were made for lifts or level walkways in the design of the building.

Carers push wheelchairs up and down the steep incline.

Resident access to the community venues relied on staff being available to push the wheelchairs up the hill.

The result has been a high risk of staff injuries due to the high force required to push the wheelchairs and high levels of staff fatigue.

The pushing of tub chairs and other large chairs over carpeted areas in bedrooms, lounge and dining room was also identified as a manual handling risk, adding to staff injury.

Rollee power packs for wheel chairs and tub chairs

Moorfields collaborated with Lockwood Electric Mobility to develop the Rollee Power Packs, which secured to wheel chairs or tub chairs. This equipment allowed the implementation of a No Push policy.

The risk of injury associated with pushing wheel chairs up and down steep inclines and pushing heavy chairs over carpet has been eliminated. Staff are less fatigued and residents are better able to access community facilities.