Lockelec Innovation with 27 years in electric mobility is committed to making the workplace safer and happier through the introduction of electric drive Medication carts.

The Current Healthcare environment sees more extensive and expansive Hospitals, more ramps and longer internal medication cart rounds.

Carers report injuries through the cumulative result of small strains and repetitive exertion through regular pushing and pulling beds, trolleys and also Medication carts.

Just one back injury can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars or more in claims, lost time and replacement staff.

The Electric drive Medication cart power pack series is the solution and shall provide over a decade of faithful service.

Any medication cart can be adapted to the electric drive power pack with a six hour full recharge and a 15km daily distance coverage.

Webstercare, make excellent Medication carts ideal for Electric drive.

3 Drawer Trolley

Made from sturdy stainless steel the three drawer Webster Trolley has a hygienic stainless steel top, whilst the rest of it has a heavy-duty powder coated epoxy finish. The spacious three drawer trolley accommodates:

  • 50 beds with Unit Dose 7 Webstersystem where additional storage space is required for spare files.
  • 60 beds with Multi Dose Webster-pak® with no additional storage.
  • Trolley Dimensions
    • Height: 1030mm
    • Width with shelf up (including handle): 1050mm
    • Width with shelf down (including handle): 770mm
    • Depth: 516mm

Flexi-Shelf Medical Cart

The three drawer Flexi-shelf trolley enables the Carer to adjust its extendible shelf to the exact height they need to comfortably administer medication.

The trolley’s specially designed hydraulic arm means the shelf can easily slide up or down to vary the height. When the shelf is set in the right position, the new Flexi-shelf trolley is ideal for anyone to use.

  • Storage, Security and Manoeuvrability features are equal to those of the three drawer Webster trolley
  • Flexi-shelf trolleys are fitted with lightweight drawers
  • Capable of servicing up to 50 beds utilising Unit Dose 7 Webstersystem or up to 60 beds with Webster-pak
  • Trolley Dimensions
    • Height: 1030mm
    • Width with shelf up (including handle): 1120mm
    • Width with shelf down (including handle): 810mm
    • Depth: 516mm

The Electric drive Medication cart reduces the chance of injury through repetitive strain; and is seen as a proactive and public way of making your workplace safer and most importantly happier.