Battery powered electric trolley

Lockwood electric mobility powers existing trolleys in various workplaces in a variety of sizes from medication cart trolleys, library trolleys, even bank coin trolleys and many more.

We also provide any sort of trolley, just tell us the purpose for the Trolley and we will source OR manufacture an appropriate trolley to cater for your needs and adapt this technology to the trolley. Lockwood doesn’t just give a trolley power to move forward and backwards easily, its does a whole lot more.

Something also to mention is the Automatic breaking feature when you take your hand off the throttle it will come to a gentle rest and activate the park brake.

These are just some of the features that dramatically reduce the risk and danger of handling trolleys. By implementing this technology to any workplace where trolleys are being used the potential injury or physical strain including Workcover claims should have an immediate reduction.

General Features

  • 1-3 days depending on usage before charging–Charging can take 6 hrs from flat.
  • Power on/off switch.
  • Down Hill Assist capabilities.
  • Keys can be removed at either on/off.
  • Inoperable when charging.
  • Slow/fast control modes.
  • Easily adjustable speed dial.
  • Throttle lever for forward/reverse.
  • Positive drive wheel traction. (helps eliminate traction difficulties)
  • Easy access charging socket.
  • Flashing on/off switch when charging is required shortly.
  • Easy Disengaging foot pedal when trolley needs to be moved without power or in sideways motion.

These are some of our most popular trolleys that have been motorised:

  • Motorised Tea Trolley
  • Motorised Stock Delivery Trolley
  • Motorised Medication Cart
  • Powered Linen Trolley
  • Battery Powered Flat Bed Trolley
  • Motorised Bin Trolley

Safety Features

  • Automatic security brake prevents rollaway.
  • Automatic security brake prevents rollaway.
  • Down hill assist capabilities.
  • Variable speed modes.
  • Auto overload protection.
  • Benefits
  • Personnel experience safer working condition.
  • Transport team endures less strain and fatigue.
  • Prevents staff injury risk from heavy loads, ramps, and carpet that can be costly Work Cover Claims.
  • Higher employee morale; higher productivity
  • Quiet operation and compact design
  • User friendly controls.
  • Virtually Maintenance free