Lockelec is a team of Engineers with experience in Rail, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Automotive design and we are committed to excellence in innovation, design and manufacturing.


Creating products and lifelong partnerships in industries from Rail, Military and Paramedic Equipment. Our core focus is to develop a trusted relationship with clients.


Providing customer solutions and overcoming all design, engineering, manufacturing challenges together in the fastest, cost-effective way. We excel in Rapid Design, Innovative Engineering, Cost-Effective Manufacturing and being an accountable Partner through the process and beyond.


We define your problem, design an efficient solution using the latest CAD package with the most cost-effective outcome to meet your project timing..


We are a value-added supplier. Lockelec consolidates common processes like FEA, local vendor management, sourcing, testing and measuring, engineering support, supply chain services, audit and inspection. This supports the OEM by creating a complete end to end solution that provides quality components that they can be confident in.