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Lockelec Rolling Stock is dedicated to achieving excellence in design, innovation, and manufacturing across various industries, including Rail, Military, and Paramedic Equipment. Our primary focus is to cultivate long-term partnerships with clients, offering customized solutions and overcoming design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges together in the fastest, most innovative, and efficient manner.

We excel in several areas:

1. Design: We employ innovative engineering techniques and cost-effective manufacturing methods while being accountable partners throughout the entire process and beyond. Our problem-solving approach ensures the initiation of the best design for efficient manufacturing.

2. Our Challenge: We identify and define your problem, design efficient solutions that utilize the latest manufacturing methods, and aim to achieve the most effective outcome to the highest rail standards.

3. Lockelec Rolling Stock being Australia's leading Rolling Stock disability access supplier.


As a value-added supplier, Lockelec consolidates various processes such as testing, local vendor management, sourcing, engineering support, supply chain services, audit, and inspection. The economics of one original equipment manufacturer (OEM) attempting to handle all these processes alone often prove financially unfeasible.

Lockelec is proud to be Australia's leading Rolling Stock disability access supplier, specializing in providing inclusive and accessible solutions for railway systems. We understand the importance of ensuring equal access for all passengers, including individuals with disabilities. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we have become the go-to provider for disability access solutions in the country's rolling stock industry.

Our dedicated team of experts works closely with railway operators and manufacturers to design and implement innovative solutions that meet the highest accessibility standards. We prioritize safety, convenience, and comfort, aiming to enhance the travel experience for passengers with disabilities. From wheelchair ramps and accessible seating to audiovisual announcements and tactile signage, our solutions are designed to create an inclusive environment onboard trains.


At Lockelec, we combine our commitment to excellence in design and engineering with a deep understanding of disability access regulations and best practices. We ensure that our solutions not only comply with relevant accessibility guidelines but also exceed expectations, setting new industry standards for inclusivity.


By partnering with Lockelec as your Rolling Stock disability access supplier, you can trust that you are receiving quality products and services that prioritise accessibility and passenger experience. We are dedicated to making a positive impact by enabling equal access to public transportation for all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities.


With Lockelec's comprehensive range of disability access solutions, railway operators can confidently provide an inclusive and accessible travel experience, empowering individuals with disabilities to navigate the railway system with ease and independence.

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