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High performance Portable ramps for disabled access


  -specialist lightweight materials used to create a foldable ramp for rail and tram access

Carbon fiber wheelchair ramp.PNG

Providing access to all is a paramount responsibility for the public transport networks.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requires a person with a disability has the right to have access to all places used by the public.

Providing this accessibility requires a sturdy non-slip surface for the wheelchair or mobility unit to traverse, if a permanent fixture cannot be installed then the surface must be provided. also being light weight so the operator can deploy and stow the ramp safely.

A foldable ramp that can be accessed by the operator needs to be easy to deploy, lightweight and meet all regulations and standards for the industry.  Our ramps are the lightest weight ramps that support and exceed the AS/NZS 3856.1 standard requirements while also supporting EN45545-2 for flammability to HL1 standard.

Carbon Fibre Ramps manufactured in Australia

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